Welcome to my world, at least the world of my books. If you’re looking for something to help you return to those dark, mysterious nights on a college campus… or spooky visits to a cemetery, always looking over your shoulder… or into the private worlds of Truman Capote and Harper Lee… or back to the nostalgia of small town America, with weekly trips to the drive-in and the local movie theater… if you want to walk through fall leaves all year round and get that chill that the early dark brings… you’ve come to the right place.

Rules for Being Dead

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It’s the late 1960s in small-town McKinney, Texas. At the downtown theater and the local drive-in, movies—James Bond, My Fair Lady, Alfie, and Dr. Zhivago—feed the dreams and obsessions of a ten-year-old Clarke who loves Audrey, Elvis, his family, serial killers, Truman Capote, and the handsome boy in the projector booth. Then Clarke loses his beloved mother, and no one will tell him how she died. No one will tell HER either. She is floating above the trees and movie screens of McKinney, trapped between life and death, searching for a glimpse of her final moments on this earth. The shattering answer haunts Rules for Being Dead, Kim Powers’ darkly humorous, incredibly moving novel, reminiscent of The Lovely Bones and The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time, with a nod to Larry McMurtry’s iconic The Last Picture Show.

“A tour de force in voice and structure, this uniquely heartbreaking novel—literary fiction meets boy detective—is somehow adorable and sinister at the same time…. The brilliantly talented Kim Powers has created a poignant and remarkable story.”
—Hank Phillippi Ryan, Mary Higgins Clark, Anthony and five-time Agatha Award Winner