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Dig Two Graves
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I'll be doing interviews, guest essays, a little bit of everything on various guest blogs. Please join me as we talk about mysteries, thrillers, and the literary life in general.

Jungle Red Writers
"What do eight semi-naked men, wearing only nylon running shorts, sneakers, and fake gold medals (six bucks for a dozen, made in China) have to do with selling a book? Actually, a lot." (1/12/16)

"There's a phrase I use a lot: 'blood on the page.' Way too much drama queen in those four little words, I thought. That was all BEFORE I started writing myself." (1/8/16)

The Big Thrill
"I had suddenly become that family in the mall. 'Just as I am, without one plea,' that Southern Baptist hymn I had grown up on. All hope gone. Desperate, as I searched for my brother, the same way my fictional character Ethan Holt has to search for his daughter in Dig Two Graves." (12/31/15)

5 Minutes for Books
"I was holding my breath at the climax, when Ethan has to fight for his daughter or die trying." (12/21/15)

OmniMystery News
"I like characters—and people—who are pushed to the wall; who have to rely on everything they have—on more than they have, in their hearts and their heads—to succeed. And nothing requires that more than rescuing a kidnapped daughter." (12/18/15)

Mallory Heart Reviews
"Dig Two Graves is a must-read thriller. Definitely a Best of 2015." (12/16/15)

Books & Tea
"The tension builds with each scene change until the very end...and then a revelation or a secret is revealed, and then my mind is blown spraying confetti everywhere...." (12/15/15)

Men Reading Books
"This book grabbed me from the beginning. Powers’ character development was excellent and believable. The plot kept me invested in the story and I did not put it down until it was finished. If you love who-done-its, then this is a book for you." (12/14/15)

It's a Mad Mad World
"Dig Two Graves is a well-written and intensive thriller about obsession... I think Kim Powers has done tremendous work of writing a thriller that shows just how far a father would go to find his daughter... the ending was heartbreaking.” (12/10/15)

Patricia's Wisdom
"Dig Two Graves came at me like a ton of bricks and I wasn’t ready... We all know someone who will find this read fascinating and the book hard to set aside...it truly touched my emotions on several levels." (12/9/15)

From the TBR Pile
"I highly recommend this one, especially to readers who love thrillers filled with rhymes and puzzles." (12/8/15)

Life is Story
"Dig Two Graves is a deep story of revenge and the madness within us all…. The story came to an exciting, intense conclusion—a showdown in a graveyard." (12/4/15)

Mockingbird Hill Cottage
"Powers creates characters who are multi-layered, complex, and very human.... The chilling portrait of the kidnapper is also written with depth and compassion. No one is one-dimensional in this story, which this reader greatly appreciates. Overall, I found this to be a fast-paced, very well written book. I think you’ll find it very compelling." (12/3/15)

No More Grumpy Bookseller
"Dig Two Graves is a great new mystery that pits a pretty much everyman (with the exception of the whole gold medal winning decathlete thing) against tough odds. It's one that will definitely appeal to fans of Linwood Barclay and Harlan Coben." (12/1/15)

"An accomplished journalist, memoirist, novelist, screenwriter and television/broadcast journalist, Emmy and Peabody award-winning Kim Powers here demonstrates his ability to write an edge-of-your-seat thrill ride of a novel. Looking through his staggering list of credentials, you kind of have to wonder if there’s anything this man cannot write well." 11/30/15)

Hey, There's a Dead Guy in the Living Room
"I learned my most valuable lessons as a "suspense" writer at Good Morning America. Writing those teases to get you back after the commercial: How can flossing add 6.4 extra years to your life? (True.) Who gets that final rose—and what really happened inside the "fantasy suite"? Not conventional, maybe, but it’s the way I learned to write mystery." (11/19/15)